Robb and Alicia Vann overlooking Beartooth Pass to Cook City, MT

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I started VanLeggalo Photography in 2001.  After a long struggle to find satisfaction in digital quality, in 2011, I finally converted.

I mainly shoot real estate, commercial, business portraits, senior portraits, weddings, and events.  However, I love to shoot landscape, wild life, cars & historical buildings.  Montana, is my home and there is much to shoot here!  It has some of the greatest landscape views and wilderness opportunities created by God in the world.  In fact, that's how I thought of my slogan, "Shooting Life Through Light, One Shutter At A Time". 

Since starting VanLeggalo Photography, I have spent many hours training myself through evaluating some of the top photographers in the world.  My influence has leaned heavily on the training of certified videos by Karl Taylor, Fro Knows Photo's Jared Polin, Joe Brady, Greg Cazillo,  Joshua Cripps & many more.

Please take time to view my work and feel free to critique as much as you want.  I welcome your opinions!

I update photos regularly so please check back soon.

God Bless!

Robb Vann

VanLeggalo Photography