Photography Is Good For Your Health!

Can photography make you healthier?


I cannot count how many times I have sat down over my lifetime reminiscing over all of the history pictures have revealed to me of the past.  In fact it would draw me in so far, I could not help my curiosity.  I would find myself wondering, “what else was it like?”  The same feeling happens when perusing through the archives of time, remembering all the memories of family, friends and events.  

After thinking about it, it seems as though most, if not all photos, are taken during good times or recovery from the craziest accident.  But more pictures are most commonly shared of special occasions like, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc.  The related emotion these all share are captured as times of joy.  

Going back in time looking at all the colorful sweaters of the 80’s is a favorite memory.  Who in the world would be caught wearing one of those today?  What about the time when your uncle was caught eating a knight crawler because, well, because he was your uncle?  Your mom just happened to be there with the camera.  Now everybody is laughing year after, including all the children,  grandchildren, great grandchildren, and the list goes on and on.  None of them were even around to witness it in real life.  But, the reality is, photos do bring history back life.

Photography is more popular than ever today with record sales in cameras and smartphones.  The internet is now filled with billions of images of almost any situation or emotion anyone could imagine.  They are all at our fingertips.  With nearly 4 billion camera users shooting their best or worse moments in life assures there is no escape from history with anyone.  Most people on planet earth will be involved in a photo at least one time in their life.  In, fact many people don’t even realize they are in a photo.  Think about all the people you see passing by in a busy area.  They either never saw they were photo’d or remember that it happened.

What do you think about these serious questions?…  When you think about the next family or social event, would you dare wager that not one photo will be taken?  It is very difficult these days to find one!  Would you ever think to leave your camera or smartphone home when you are meeting with friends you haven’t seem in years, when you could capture the rare moments at hand, to be remembered for the rest of your life?

With all this in mind, happiness does come with most pictures taken.  Unlike the days when camera technology entered into the world, when people had teeth unworthy to be expressed, you’d be hard pressed to find posed people not smiling.  I argue, photography make people happy, smiling and laughing on better than a daily occurrence.

Happy people ARE healthier: Some 65% of studies show a link between a cheerful disposition and improved wellbeing

  • Researchers believe happier people may be more inclined to live a healthy life

  • Alternatively, being content may directly benefit the heart and immune system

  • The extent that feelings of happiness can actively improve our health is unclear

  • Researchers add unhappiness may be a serious threat to our long-term health

  • Previous studies show happiness can help fight disease and aid injuries to heal

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The job of a photographer is to capture those special moments.  We are to make your experience enjoyable and comfortable.  Every portrait is professionally orchestrated to make you feel your best, confident, and attractive.  All of these emotions are positive and leads to less stress which leads to better health!

Who do you call on when thinking of looking for that right photographer?  At VanLeggalo Photography, it is important that we think of your good health.  We strive to make you feel important.  We strive to make you feel confident.  We strive to make you feel happy.  So, we make you healthier!  Call us today to shoot your next important memory for you and your loved ones to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

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